The Fall Rodent Invasion is here!

In the Pacific Northwest, mid-October brings with it the return of colder, wet weather.  With this also comes the annual influx of rodent infestations into the attic and crawlspace areas of your home.  From now, until next May or June, the rodents, i.e. rats and mice, that were once content to live outside in the warm, summer climate will proactively begin to seek out the warmth and shelter provided by these places.  Once a nearby rat or mouse population finds a way into your home, they will set up a new nesting site and then settle in for the long, cold winter.  Often times, they will only give their presence away by the subtle noises that they may make in the early morning and early evening hours.  If present though, they can do considerable damage to the insulation found in the areas that they move into.  While important to take the necessary measures to exterminate these unwanted visitors, it is equally important to work towards identifying and eliminating the access points that these vermin are utilizing to gain access into your home.  Sealing off any known access points not only addresses the current problem, but is also an important aspect in the prevention of future problems.

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