May Carpenter Ant Swarms

Every Spring, the first big heat wave of the season (usually in May), triggers the annual swarms of Carpenter Ants that leave their nesting sites in search of a new home.  The 80 degree temperatures forecast for this Mother’s Day weekend in Snohomish County will most certainly start this process.  Should you notice concentrations of very large, black ants grouping together on or near your home, this is a sure sign of an active Carpenter Ant infestation.  Just because these reproductive swarming members of the colony are leaving, does not mean that the nest is going away.  They are merely spreading out to allow the overall colony size to continue to increase.  The original nest of worker ants will remain in place and continue to destroy the wood structure of your home.  As these insects are classified as a wood-destroying threat to your home, it is alway a good idea to be proactive in seeking professional help in exterminating both the colony you are finding in your home, as well as the originating nesting site that they came from.  Taking an incorrect, layman’s approach to just chasing the ants with common, over the counter chemical applications most often simply chases the ants deeper into your walls and subfloors, where they will continue to chew away at the wooden structure of your home.

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