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Fleas feed off blood from a host and usually are introduced in a household via a pet like a dog. Sometimes if you have rodent issues fleas can feed on the rat or mouse. If the rodent is for some reason exterminated the flea will try to find a different host like a dog or a human. Therefore, it is important to constantly be on the lookout for fleas on animals as once introduced to the household they can become a real nuisance.

Managing A Flea Problem

If you detect a flea problem the best solution is to contact a pest control professional to manage the situation as most of the time over the counter treatments are ineffective. The first thing a pest management professional will do is conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business and locate areas where immature stages of the flea population are residing. After completing the inspection, the next steps in preparing a flea management plan will include:

  • Identifying the flea species that is causing the problem.
  • Inspecting for presence of other animals such as rodents or raccoons as they could be a source a food for the fleas.
  • If there is dog in the household recommending that the homeowner visits a veterinarian for advice on an effective flea control product for their dog or pet.
  • Using a strong vacuum to remove flea eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.
  • Frequently washing and drying pet bedding.
  • Treating affected areas by using safe and effective flea control products.
  • Scheduling a follow-up visit.

Getting Rid Of Fleas

A flea infestation requires a multifaceted treatment plan. If you only address fleas on your dog or and individual flea bite it will be impossible to get rid of them. This is especially true if it is a female flea that hatches eggs as this could lead to even a greater population that resides within your home. For effectively getting rid of fleas you should use both chemical and physical methods on your pet as well as inside and outside your home. Contact a pest control professional today for a free quote.

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