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As indicated by their name, Moisture Ants will almost invariably be found near a source of continuous moisture. This can be a leaky plumbing pipe or bathroom fixture, or a clogged downspout or improperly functioning roof flashing. Typically hidden out of sight, the most common indication of a Moisture Ant problem is the annual swarms that take place in early to mid-August when our summer temperatures reach their peaks. These swarms can consist of large numbers of ants, into the hundreds and almost always give the appearance of a scene from a horror movie with their invasion-like arrivals. A swarm will usually consist of three different looking versions of the same ants, all residing within the colony. The wingless, reddish-brown ants, about 3/16'' long, are the worker ants and are an indication that the nesting site is nearby. The very small, solid black ants with wings attached, are the Reproductive Males of the colony and will be slightly smaller than the red worker ants. These Reproductive Males will actually appear to look more like a flying, gnat-like insect than they will an ant. Finally, the larger Brown ants with the large abdomen area are the Reproductive Female ants of the colony and will typically be nearly 1/2" in length.

As Moisture Ants are indeed a Wood Destroying pest and can create significant damage to your home, their presence should not be taken lightly. Two issues are at play, the original source of the water problem and of course the damages to the surrounding wood that is being done by the ants. For the extermination and control of these ants, it is important to locate the nesting site and to introduce the proper chemical treatment into the areas for complete and thorough elimination of the entire colony. Merely spraying the exit site from where the ants are swarming out of will only address the ants that you can see, but will not penetrate to the source area. Because of their driving need for moisture, the most common places within the home to find a Moisture Ant problem are the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room areas of your home. The swarming period typically lasts about two to three weeks and will certainly subside as the temperatures cool moving into September, but the colony itself will merely withdraw back into the walls and floor areas of your home to continue damaging the wood structures they infest if left untreated. Professional treatment for the extermination and control of these harmful ants is always the best approach.

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