Spring is in the Air-So are the Wasps and Yellow Jackets!

With the warmer, sunnier weather gladly upon us, now is the time for Paper Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets to begin seeking out nesting sites along the eaves and gutterlines of your home.  At nearly every stop I make, a quick glance upwards and I am visually locating these stinging insects either already establishing their annual nests, or at the least very actively looking for a place to call home.  This week, the Yellow Jacket nests I’m finding have graduated to the point in size where the Queen’s have laid their first, initial batch of eggs.  The nest size themselves are equivalent to a size slightly larger than a golf ball.  Once the eggs have hatched, the first wave of Yellow Jacket workers will begin to take over the nest building responsibilities and each week the nests will start to nearly double in size, until they reach the approximate size of a basketball!  Always best to catch these early.  Should you suspect this type of activity on or around your home, you can check out our website at www.aadvantagepest.com for additional information on resolving these types of issues.

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