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At AAdvantage Pest Control all of our treatments and services are performed based upon the needs of you, our customer, and are conducted in a proven and professional manner. We offer a common-sense approach to our pricing policies, to ensure that you are only charged for services that you need, not over-inflated service fees for unnecessary work. We stand behind our treatments with a Rock-Solid Warranty policy because we understand that our services are designed to take care of your pest problems right the first time.


In the Northwest, there are 5 primary types of ants that you as a homeowner will most likely encounter. The main three are Carpenter Ants, Moisture Ants and Nuisance Ants, also known as Sugar Ants or Household Ants. These main three types are very common and also can be very destructive and problematic within your home. The other two varieties of ants that you may encounter are Pavement Ants and Thatching Ants. Both of these types of ants are less common and also pose much less of an actual threat to your home. Individual descriptions of each of these ants and more detailed information on their characteristics and the problems that they can cause can be found by following the links to each specific page on our website.

Carpenter AntsMoisture Ants, Nuisance (or Sugar) Ants, Odorous Ants

Remember: “Ant is our Middle Name”! All of our ant treatments are safe, effective and because we specialize in them, carry the best warranties in the business. Ask us for details!


Rats, Mice

Are you hearing nighttime noises or seeing unsightly evidence of unwanted visitors in your home? We inspect and treat your attic, crawlspace and interior living spaces when necessary, to both rid your home of a current rodent infestation and to determine their access points. Working to seal off the access points is the real key to future infestation prevention.

Stinging Insects:

Yellow JacketsWasps and Hornets

We offer immediate extermination of nesting sites, whether under your home’s eaves, in your walls, crawlspace or attic, or located outside in your yard’s landscaping! We also offer preventative treatments to deter these pests from ever showing up on or around your home!


Are the ever-growing and expanding spider webs around your home trapping you indoors in late summer and fall? Your home’s eaves and foundation perimeter are excellent harborage areas for these unwanted pests. An exterior-only treatment will usually address most issues, but heavier, more established infestations sometimes warrant treatment in crawlspace areas and along interior baseboards. Some of the most common spiders in the state of Washington are Black Widow Spiders, Hobo Spiders, Garden Spiders and Wolf Spiders.

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