Random Yellow Jackets beginning to appear in your Home?

If you are beginning to find daily Yellow Jackets flying around inside your home, this is a clear indication that your home actually developed a full blown nest over the past season, most likely in your attic area.  As the life span of these insects begin to wind down, they abandon their nesting site and begin to wander aimlessly through the attic area.  They will tend toward sources of light, subsequently dropping into your living space through recessed lighting fixtures or bathroom vent housings.  While their appearance is a sure sign that the nest is beginning to die-off, the pure fact that the original nest could contain as many as 900 to 1200 individual insects could mean that you could potentially start enduring 5 to 30 insects a day, invading your space, for a good portion of the early winter.  While it is indeed more challenging to exterminate the entire colony once they have begun to branch out, it is still quite possible to attempt to eliminate the majority of the remaining insects, therefore reducing the overall number of invaders that you will potentially have to deal with!  As the challenge of locating and treating the nest becomes much more difficult at this stage, it is always best to call in a professional!

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