Family Owned & Operated Serving Snohomish and King counties since 1991, we offer both Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services.

Exceeding Expectations

Serving both North King and all of Snohomish counties, we offer both Residential and Commercial pest control services.  All of our treatments and services are performed based upon the needs of you, our customer and conducted in a proven and professional manner.  We utilize a common-sense approach to our pricing policies to insure that you are only paying for services that you need and not an over-inflated invoice total for additional, unnecessary work.

The ONE-TIME Pest Treatment Specialist

We understand that a colony of pests invading your home can be an unsettling experience. We also understand that having to look up a company, call them up and schedule a service trip into your home can be equally unsettling, especially if you feel that you do not know very much about a given company or their business practices. Because we are sensitive to these concerns, we strive to make every contact with our company, from your initial phone call to the in-person service visit, as user-friendly and reassuring as we possibly can. Our goal is to turn every concerned homeowner into a life-long satisfied customer.

If your preference is to deal directly with a smaller company that doesn’t get bogged down with a lot of corporate policies and procedures, but rather prefers to focus on meeting your pest control needs in a prompt and professional manner, then we are the company for you!

Our pest control services include the following specialties:

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“Every time I’ve called AAdvantage Pest Control, I have been pleased and relieved that my pest problems were resolved!! They are quick to respond, professional and proficient. I’ve relied on AAdvantage Pest Control for years for my rental properties and my own home!”

Leslie B. - Edmonds, WA