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AAdvantage Pest Control is proud to serve all of snohomish county. We have provided quality pest control and rodent control service in the snohomish area since 1991. We are constantly looking to delight our customers. If you ever have any questions regarding our pest control service please feel free to contact us. Our pest control and rodent control technicians are experts in their field and would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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Common Pest We Exterminate:

Ants: Carpenter Ants | Odorous House Ants | Pavement Ants | Moisture Ants | Pharaoh Ants| Thatching Ants

Wasps & Bees: Yellow Jackets | Bald-faced Hornets | Polestes | Mason Bees | Bumble Bees | Honey Bees

Rats & Mice: Norway Rat | Roof Rat | White Footed Deer Mice | Field Mice

Mammals: Mole | Squirrel | Raccons | Opossums

Other Pests: Cockroaches | Flies | Fleas | Lice | Carpet Beetles | Clothes Moths | Drug Store Beetles | Indian Meal Moths | Sow Bugs | Lady Beetles | Centipedes | Silverfish | Fungus Gnats | Millipedes | Psocids | Spiders

If you do not see your pest mentioned above, contact us more than likely we can help you.


Snohomish County

We are proud to serve the following cities:

Arlington, WA

Bothell, WA

Brier, WA

Darrington, WA

Edmonds, WA

Everett, WA

Gold Bar, WA

Granite Falls, WA

Index, WA

Lake Stevens, WA

Snohomish County cont.

Cities cont.

Lynwood, WA

Marysville, WA

Mill Creek, WA

Monroe, WA

Mountlake Terrace, WA

Mulkiteo, WA

Snohomish, WA

Stanwood, WA

Sultan, WA

Woodway, WA

Snohomish County Map